The Year In Pot: Legal Sales And Anti-Marijuana Voices Boomed

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Marijuana has never had a year like 2014.

The first aboveboard just-for-fun cannabis markets rose in Colorado and Washington. Voters in Oregon and Alaska passed ballot initiatives to create the same. And a consistent majority of Americans said they support plans to legalize the drug nationwide, according to polls by NBC News and others.

Yet 2014 also brought the first formidable anti-marijuana message in ages. The men and women of Smart Approaches on Marijuana, or Project SAM, might be the most potent voice of prohibition since Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” tour three decades ago.

The result was a year of fierce cross currents.

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  1. Sonic says

    DEA federal funding for retail raids was shut down two days before The Glass Jar Co-op was raided. So, how was this arrest legal?

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