The Small And Scrappy Campaign That Could Legalize Marijuana In Washington, DC

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  From the outside, the marijuana legalization campaign in Washington, DC, certainly doesn’t look like an effort destined for victory. Instead of full-time staff, Yes on 71 has basically one person doing a bulk of the work. Lacking a big tour bus, the campaign uses volunteers’ cars, bicycles, and a tiny orange bike-car called an Elf. The operation won’t even air television or radio ads in its last month, instead relying on posters and on-the-ground interactions to sell its message to DC residents.

Despite appearances, DC may be the most likely of all places this November to legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Recent polls from the Washington Post indicate that nearly two-thirds of DC voters support legalization. In a typical election, that would be considered a landslide.

 Much of that is thanks to changing demographics and a general fatigue with the nation’s war of drugs — particularly in DC, where arrests for marijuana have always affected the city’s majority of black residents far more than their white counterparts.

But the opportunity to vote on the issue at the polls is in large part due to one man’s efforts. Adam Eidinger, the 41-year-old chair of the DC Cannabis Campaign, has been involved with the local legalization effort for 15 years. After so long, next month may be when Eidinger finally sees the victory he’s worked so hard to achieve.


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