The 7 States Slamming the Door On Legalized Marijuana

Colorado’s newly legal recreational marijuana industry is creating quite a buzz – particularly when it comes to visions of a new tax revenue stream for cash-strapped states. With the Centennial State’s successful rollout, it seemed certain that others, in addition to Washington state, would follow.

But, there are major headwinds that may keep the budding industry from spreading across the nation – one of which is that state governors are coming out against recreational pot, despite its revenue-producing potential.

Too risky?
Shortly after Colorado’s new law took effect on January 1, governors of other states began weighing in on the subject. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley stated in a radio interview several weeks ago that he is “not much in favor of” legalizing pot for recreational use, citing concerns about drug abuse.

Similarly, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan has said she would veto any bill making marijuana legal for that purpose, although she approved a bill making medical use legal last year. Also speaking out in early January was Alabama‘s Gov. Robert Bentley, who is against making pot legal for any purpose – even medicinal.


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