Texas Just Approved A Limited Medical Marijuana Bill

Marijuana policy reform has made history in Texas with strong support from a bipartisan majority.

TEXAS:  Medical marijuana could be legal in Texas, sort of.

The Texas House of Representatives voted 96 to 34 to approve the second reading of a Senate bill that would allow limited use of Cannabidiol oils, a marijuana derivative, Progress Texas said in a press release..

And the proposals authors are Republican! Crazy.

Maybe the times are a changin’? 

Progress Texas Executive Deputy Ed Espinoza said the approval is historic.

Read full article @ San Antonio Current


  1. Salvador ALEMAN JR. says

    Please legalize marijuana, TIRED OF PEOPLE DYING over Tobacco, an ALCOHOLIC liquids. MARIJUANA is my organic medicine. I hurt my self on jobs. And pills kill my liver like liquor. Gladly to say , I SAVED My life!! by heeling PLANTS. MARIJUANA is a safe God i trust people will learn. many more deaths are in TEXAS political HANDS. I can write a novel about my experiences with MARIJUANA. And people will be in disbelief. Anyway. thanks for your time.

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