South Portland Votes To Legalize Pot For Those Over 21; Lewiston Rejects Legal Pot

MAINE:  In a pair of municipal votes likely to foreshadow a statewide referendum in two years, Lewiston and South Portland residents decided at the polls Tuesday whether to legalize recreational marijuana for residents over 21 in those cities.

Unofficial results from South Portland indicate voters there have supported the legalization ordinance by a healthy margin. The ordinance was enacted by a vote of 6,326 to 5,755. Some 374 ballots were left blank, according to results filed with the BDN.

Unofficial results from Lewiston indicate voters there have rejected the legalization ordinance by an even healthier margin, more than 1,300 votes: 7,366 against the ordinance, 6,044 in support of it.

Representatives of the Maine branch of the national Marijuana Policy Project have made it clear their endgame is a 2016 statewide legalization vote.


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