Prince Edward Island MP likens marijuana use to rum running

CANADA: The prohibition of marijuana will eventually come to an end much like the rum in the hold of the Nellie J. Banks, suggests Cardigan MP Lawrence MacAulay.

“It will take it out of the hands of criminals and put it in the hands of government like a bottle of rum,’’ said the Island MP during a visit to the Dundas Plow Match here Friday. “Today, it seems to be available anywhere you go.”

MacAulay was responding to comments by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau this week that marijuana should be decriminalized and brought into the fold of government controls much like alcohol is currently distributed. The Nellie J. Banks was a famous P.E.I. rum running ship that smuggled spirits from St. Pierre-Miquelon during prohibition in the 1930s.

“The last Liberal policy convention passed that marijuana be decriminalized and this is the next step for Mr. Trudeau…that’s where the Liberals are going and I support the move basically,’’ he said as the sounds of Okie from Muskogee drifted from the entertainment bandstand.

Last week the police chiefs of Canada called for tickets to be handed out for possession of larger amounts of marijuana rather than tying up officers and the court system with charges against individuals with one joint. Any change in the law is expected to be at least three years away.

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