Partnership For A Drug-Free America Has Moment of Clarity: Concedes Marijuana War Is Lost

Partnership for A Drug-Free America

The Partnership for A Drug-Free America — a government-funded Drug War advocacy group — is backing away from supporting the arrest of 800,000 Americans every year for marijuana.

The 28 year-old New York group of advertising executives funded by major alcohol, tobacco, nicotine and pharmaceutical interests released a new survey this week called “Marijuana: It’s Legal, Now What?” Now, we don’t trust anything coming from a bunch of failed “this is your brain on drugs” propagandists, but we’re intrigued when they admit:

– “It’s clear that society’s views on marijuana are evolving dramatically,” said Steve Pasierb, CEO of The Partnership.
– 40 percent of adults polled in the partnership’s new survey favor ending the failed prohibition on marijuana.
– 70 percent support medical marijuana.

Read full article @ East Bay Express


  1. Brown Sugar says

    They now realize that people are not dumb. People knows all the bull the government put out was out and out lies about marijuana.

  2. JodieLong says

    I’m literally blinking back tears of relief-of joy! Oh the thought of not living in fear anymore is overwhelming-to get my husband the medicine he needs, to see others getting the medicine they need….Oh, the beautiful end of being stereotyped based on lies, deceit, and corruption would be a great day to be American. It’s been far too long that the users of this natural medicine have lived in metaphorical and literal prisons. We aren’t criminals. I am very ‘law-abiding’. Besides the fact that I smoke (and eat ..and advocate!!) cannabis. When I see a break-through like this, the fear dissolves more and more replaced by courage, hope and determination.

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