Oregon Home Marijuana Possession Limits Are Too High, John Kitzhaber Suggests

OREGON:  Gov. John Kitzhaber expressed concern Tuesday about how much marijuana Oregonians would be allowed to possess at home under the new legalization measure – and he indicated that he might ask legislators to seek lower limits.

The governor, saying he has “many concerns” about the initiative approved by voters, questioned the logic of allowing voters to possess up to a half-pound of marijuana at home but just one ounce in public.

“The amount you can actually grow in a home-grow operation seems to me to exceed the amount that you’re supposed to have legally,” Kitzhaber told reporters. “I don’t know how you enforce that.”

Backers of Measure 91, which was approved by 56 percent of voters at the November election, say they purposely set higher possession limits at home to allow adults to grow marijuana and make concentrates and pot-laced edibles.

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