Obama's War On Pot Claims Another Scalp: Matthew Davies, Medical Marijuana Provider, Pleads Guilty to Federal Felony Charges

Marijuana advocates have highlighted Davies’ case as the latest evidence that President Barack Obama has misled in his claims that …He’s not interested in harshly enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized the substance to some degree. Last year, Obama claimed his administration wouldn’t focus on prosecuting recreational marijuana users in Washington and Colorado — which had both just passed laws legalizing cannabis for recreational use — because there were “bigger fish to fry.”

Obama received a personal plea from Davies’ wife, Molly, earlier this year, who asked the president to consider his comments in the context of her husband’s case.

“Mr. President, my husband is not a criminal and shouldn’t be treated like one. Matt is not a drug dealer or trafficker. He’s not driving around in a fancy car and living in some plush mansion — trust me,” Davies wrote. “My husband is a regular guy, and we’re a regular, middle-class family. Yet even though Matt took great pains to follow state and local law, he is currently facing a severe prison sentence. This all seems so surreal.”

People More Evolved than Obama on Pot

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