Missouri CBD Law Highlights Gray Area Of Federal Law Enforcement

MISSOURI:  Writing rules to implement Missouri’s new law allowing a cannabis-based epilepsy treatment would, if normal procedures are followed, take until at least Dec. 31. Actually growing the plants to maturity and extracting the sought-after resins will add six months or more to the wait, whenever the rules are in effect.

The goal of the legislation, sponsored by Rep. Caleb Jones, R-Columbia, is to create an in-state source of a particular strain of cannabis — the plant genus that provides industrial hemp and recreational marijuana — high in a chemical, cannabidiol or CBD, gaining popularity as an alternative treatment for severe forms of epilepsy.

Online retailers are claiming that there is no need to wait. Within hours of Gov. Jay Nixon signing the bill, which put the law in effect because of an emergency clause, emails arrived at the Tribune touting the products. The emails claimed the products were legal for anyone in the United States to possess and use because of their low levels of THC, the chemical that causes the high associated with pot.


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