Michigan State Rep. Mike Shirkey To Support Medical Marijuana Effort To Legalize Plant Resin Or Extracts

MICHIGAN: Not all medical marijuana patients like to smoke.

That’s one reason why state Rep. Mike Shirkey, R-Clark Lake, intends to support soon-to-be introduced legislation that would amend the definition of “usable marijuana” to include plant resin or extract.

Shirkey was not immediately available for comment but said in a statement that “people have differing views on medical marijuana, but I think everyone can agree there is no reason to force users to smoke as the only way to get their medicine.”

Other forms could include “edible” baked goods, body lotions and even lip balm that contains cannabis plant extracts.

House bill 5104 was unveiled this week but not formally introduced, according to Michigan House of Representatives Spokesman John Whetstone.

He said that should take place next week.

The legislation was crafted by state Rep. Eileen Kowall, R- White Lake, who worked with constituents, members of the medical marijuana community and colleagues including state Rep. Mike Callton.

Edibles, or the use of cannabis plant extracts have not always been illegal in Michigan.It wasn’t until the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that baked goods and other food containing THC, marijuana’s active ingredient, are not “usable marijuana” under Michigan’s medical marijuana law unless they contain actual plant material.

But, registered medical marijuana patients who possess THC-laced foods may still be able to claim immunity from prosecution under a different section of the law.

None of this makes sense to Jackson County medical marijuana advocate, patient and cannabis extraction consultant Steve Sharpe.

“The COA has stated that concentrates are not considered usable marijuana meaning our medicine is not considered medicine,” he said.

Sharpe explained parts of the extraction process and said ingesting marijuana has longer lasting effects than smoking it.

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