Marijuana Transportation Issues Up In The Air Following Legalization Vote

ALASKA:  Alaska voters approved Ballot Measure 2 on Nov. 4, effectively legalizing recreational marijuana in Alaska. But even though the law is still months from taking effect, there are big questions about what exactly will be legal.

One of the major issues to be resolved is transportation of marijuana via air and water to the many Alaska communities that are off the main road system. With federal law governing much of that travel, the legality of transporting small amounts of marijuana that way is in question.

“It all depends on what the law says,” said John Parrott, airport manager at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Parrott was referring to the state laws and regulations that will govern marijuana enforcement. The state won’t begin crafting those laws until February, when the initiative goes into effect. From there, the state has nine months to come up with rules.

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