Marijuana News: Pot Law About To Take Effect In Washington, D.C.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Residents and visitors to Washington, D.C., will soon be able to possess, share and grow marijuana under a new law. But that law doesn’t allow for the creation of a regulated marijuana industry, raising a key question: How will people obtain the drug?

In December, after voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum to legalize pot use, opponents in Congress tried to upend the result by blocking any new rules establishing legal ways to sell it, protections for those caught purchasing it or taxes to cover its social costs.

D.C. officials say that Congress‘s action did not halt the initiative, but it did set the city up for potential chaos. Barring ­last-minute federal intervention, the District’s attorney general said that pot will become legal as early as Feb. 26 without any regulations in place to govern a new marketplace that is likely to explode into view.

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