Marijuana Legalization Could Happen in 2016, Thanks to Silicon Valley Cash

Silicon Valley's Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker with Snoop Dogg

CALIFORNIA: At the heart of most matters is a simple thing: money. Cash — and infinite sums of it — is the sinews of war, Cicero told us, and a scan of the technocapitalism headlines – acquisitions, fundings, and otherwise a list of zeroes punctuated by commas are tech news’ daily bread — shows that it’s the dollar that drives the Bay Area.

So, too, with the drug war reform movement. Call it the end of prohibition, call it legalization — you’re not calling it anything without the piles of money needed to run campaigns. Cozying up to capital may be a sign of how much the cannabis movement has matured and gone mainstream, or it could just be reality.

And today’s reality is that Silicon Valley and its youthful entrepreneurs have money to burn. Thus, when the next California marijuana legalization measure is before voters in 2016 (despite passionate efforts, there will be no legalization next year, barring a miracle) it will be brought to you by Silicon Valley capital — and specifically, capital connected to a certain social network.

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