John Hanger Withdraws From Race For Pennsylvania Governor

PENNSYLVANIA:  John Hanger today withdrew as a Democratic candidate for governor.

“At its outset, in November 2012, this campaign had three goals,” Hanger said today.

“First, propose bold, transformational policies to strengthen education, create good-paying jobs, protect our environment, produce clean energy, and bring forth a new birth of freedom for all Pennsylvanians.  Our second and third goals were to win the Democratic Primary and end the long nightmare of the Corbett Administration in November.

“We have achieved much in this campaign, like making the most substantive case for Corbett’s defeat, according to Governor Rendell. We also achieved our first, and most important, goal of proposing numerous, detailed policy solutions that will rebuild Pennsylvania.  We have driven the debate on issue after issue, such as charter school accountability, reforming our cruel marijuana policies that harm patients and ruin the lives of good people, as well as energy and environmental policy. These solutions are now part of the vernacular of the Democratic campaign, and they will be part of the policy package that will persuade Pennsylvanians to elect a Democrat as Governor in November.

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