John Hanger Endorsed For PA Governor By NORML

PENNSYLVANIA: Is it possible that pot will play a role in the Democratic race for governor?

Hershey’s John Hanger sure hopes so.

Hanger was endorsed Wednesday by NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Hanger wants to legalize medical marijuana immediately and within a few years decriminalize its recreational use, and tax it.

He says he’s the only candidate taking such a stance and that polls increasingly support him. He also says the justice system shouldn’t be clogged with minor pot users.

“I don’t want $350 million siphoned off and chasing after people with small amounts of marijuana,” Hanger said. “That could be going for schools or more serious law enforcement issues.”

There are eight Democratic candidates for governor. A recent poll had Hanger in fourth place.


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