Huge Crowd Expected At Debate On Whether To Legalize Marijuana In Missouri

MISSOURI:  Wednesday night a huge crowd is expected to hear both sides of the passionate debate on whether to legalize marijuana in Missouri.

The group trying to make pot legal is working hard to drum up support to change the law as early as next year.

I will be the moderator Wednesday night, but Tuesday night I sat down with the both sides for a preview.

Show Me Cannabis Executive Director John Payne will face off with Sgt. Jason Grellnervice president of the National Narcotics Officers Coalition in an effort to inform the public about the pros and cons of making Marijuana legal in Missouri, not just for medicinal purposes but for recreational use.

Twenty-one states and the District of Columbia now have laws legalizing marijuana in some form.

Illinois’ new law allowing marijuana for medicinal purposes takes effect next month.

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