Halloween Marijuana Legalization Possible: Federal Definition On Trial

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Halloween 2014 may be one to remember in regards to marijuana legalization. The big question right now is if legalization (or complete Federal criminalization of the substance) will happen on Halloween. The nationwide marijuana legalization question may get an official answer once and for all – on or near Halloween. For some, legalization may be a treat, but there is a chance that the process to redefine marijuana as a Schedule I drug could be a trick that leads to a continuation of the criminalization of marijuana across the board at the federal level.

Marijuana legalization has been a trending topic over the past week because Colorado is worried that marijuana edible candy will be accidentally distributed to kids on Halloween. Marijuana legalization has also been in the headlines because Election Day is a few weeks away on Tuesday, November 4. Over the past week, publications like TIME.com have questioned the illegality of marijuana legalization because it is so commonly accepted by the general public.

Retweeted more than 340 times, TIME’s leading marijuana legalization headline caption for their Twitter account says, “Face it: marijuana is legal, crime is down, traffic fatalities are declining and fewer teens are lighting up.”

According to the Marijuana Policy Project, 86 percent of Americans agree that medical marijuana should be legal. MPP also states that on the upcoming Election Day that Florida, Guam, Washington D.C., Alaska and Oregon voters will be considering some form of marijuana legalization regulations.


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