Group Installs Billboard Backing Legal Marijuana In Kansas

KANSAS: A local group has taken to a very public way to push for legalized marijuana.

Fire It Up Kansas recently paid for an ad on a digital billboard near the Kansas Star Casino demanding the state legislature to legalize, tax and regulate the sale of marijuana.

“It’s currently in a black market with no regulation, no asking for ID because drug dealers don’t care,” Mike Golden, the group’s co-founder, said. “If you take it out of that black market and put it in a legal market, it takes away the criminal element.”

The push for legalization has also received support from a prominent senior citizens’ group, although they are only supporting legalized pot only for medicinal use.

The Silver-Haired Legislature recently approved a non-binding resolution supporting Senate Bill 9, which would allow people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes with a doctor’s approval.

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