Florida medical marijuana petition won't allow users to grow their own

FLORIDA: A petition to allow medical marijuana in Florida is now available for signing — but don’t bother stocking up on fertilizer and grow lights.

The proposed constitutional amendment would not allow people to grow their own. Cultivation and distribution would be restricted to state-regulated dispensaries.

The decision — which reflects a growing trend in medical marijuana states — was part legal and part strategic, said Miami political consultant Ben Pollara, campaign manager for the initiative.

Ballot language allowing both home cultivation and regulated dispensaries could run afoul of Florida law that limits constitutional amendments to one subject, he said.

Beyond that, regulated dispensaries help authorities keep tabs on who is growing, who is selling and in what quantities, Pollara said.

“We are trying to be pretty meticulous in setting a real system for the distribution of medical marijuana,” he said. “We want a tightly controlled system.”

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