Federal Cannabis Bills In Political Purgatory

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  While there has been a great deal of anticipation over the past several months in regards to whether the CARERS Act would pass in 2015, some of the latest reports reveal that this legislation, which seeks to legalize medical cannabis at the federal level, has not managed to attract enough bipartisan support to catapult its agenda into the forefront of nationwide reform.

Although a number of Democrats have stepped up in support of the CARERS Act, most recently Senators Charles Schumer of New York and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, the bill simply has not managed to pick up enough Republican supporters to advance it into the next phase of the legislative process.

Unfortunately, this means the proposal is unlikely to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee until, at the very least, after the August recess. Yet, recent comments made by Chairman Charles Grassley indicating that he wants to “talk to other Republican members” before giving the bill any attention, suggests that it is most likely resting in a limp state of committee limbo, perhaps, indefinitely.

Early last week, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, one of the primary sponsors of the CARERS Act, told Roll Call that it has been difficult to secure a third co-sponsor for the bill, and that none of the Republicans they have met with have agreed to come aboard.

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