Entrepreneurs Push For Medical Marijuana Zoning In Baltimore County

MARYLAND:  Entrepreneurs eager to get a foothold in the nascent medical marijuana business in Maryland asked Baltimore County Council members Tuesday to pass zoning laws that would allow them to operate.

Travis Radebaugh, a member of the family that operates Towson-based Radebaugh Florist & Greenhouses, told council members his company is ready to start growing marijuana — if the council allows farming operations in rural zones.

Council members are wrestling with details of where they should allow medical marijuana growing operations, processing facilities and dispensaries once the state approves licenses for the businesses.

Medical cannabis was made legal by state lawmakers in 2013. But the initial restrictions attracted no businesses, so the law was tweaked and now allows the state to issue up to 15 licenses to grow and process medical cannabis and up to 94 licenses to operate dispensaries.

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