Dem Predicts Pot Will Be Legal In Five Years

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: A Democratic lawmaker is predicting that the federal government will decriminalize marijuana within the next five years.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) tells The Hill that “the decriminalization train has left the station,” and marijuana will be removed as a Schedule I controlled substance — where it is currently listed alongside substances like heroin.

“I fully expect within the next five years that it will be rescheduled, or delisted and I think we will have a system where states around the country will be able to do what they want with marijuana and I think this is going to be all over within five years,” Blumenauer said in an on-camera interview.

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  1. wendy says

    What is the reason for the wait? Do it today. Why was it the list in the first place…..the owners and backers of the drug and tobacco industry.

  2. Senor_Frog says

    Its a good thing the Conservative gov’t in Canada knows dirty criminals when they see them, and moving in the opposite direction. Mandatory minimums for growing a plant baby, take that cancer patients.

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