Creating The Cures

By Tawnee Cowan

WASHINGTON: Dawn Darington is a woman on a mission. Dawn is desperately seeking the cure for cancer using cannabis, and at the same time reaching out to teach all of us in the community how to heal ourselves and others. Dawn is known to say, “Education is key.”

Some time ago a patient found himself seeking Dawn because he had no other hope. He was a patient in Spokane and he had been fighting colon cancer. Treatment had ravaged his body completely and the doctors had advised him to get his affairs in order. Dawn immediately started him on oil and after 13 months of treatment on the oil, he just got the news that he is cancer free.

While lobbying in Olympia this week the Cannabis community wanted to honor Dawn and her commitment to the community. They wanted to acknowledge her accomplishments and contributions to healing and life.

A patient, Debbie Hanson, presented her with a plaque recognizing all her hard work, and generous giving.


“Dawn is one of the most passionate people I know. She has a heart of gold. She is providing my oil free of charge and is relentlessly searching for the strains I need for my challenges. She is my hero and my mentor.” 


There is still so much we do not know about this wonderful plant. We have been forbidden to study and utilize the millions of healing possibilities this beautiful plant has to offer. As we continue to lobby and educate the world on the facts we are now discovering we should take a moment and recognize not only are we creating history, we are creating cures.

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