Cowichan Valley NDP Constituency Supports Pot Campaign

CANADA: The executive of the Cowichan Valley NDP Constituency Association is standing behind the de-criminalizing possession of pot campaign.

And that includes its president, Rob Douglas.

“There is a growing gap between government policy and public opinion on the issue of marijuana de-criminalization,” said Douglas in a press release. “Clearly big changes are needed, and the reforms being called for by the Sensible BC initiative appear to be a step in the right direction.”

NDP leaders at federal and provincial levels have declared their support for decriminalization.

B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix clearly stated so during the televised debate of the May 2013 general election, while federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was recently seen signing the Sensible B.C. banner.

Sensible B.C. is proposing an amendment to the Police Act that would instruct law enforcement officials not to use any money, time or resources on cases of simple possession of marijuana, similar to the approach British Columbia and several other provinces took in refusing to expend any resources in enforcing the Firearms Actbecause they did not support the Long Gun Registry.

The amendment would not affect any of the laws around trafficking, possession for the purposes of trafficking, or cultivation.

“It simply does not make sense that a person should get arrested, charged and given a criminal record for the rest of their life just for possessing a small amount of marijuana for their personal use,” said Douglas. “And let’s not forget our police have very limited time, money and resources, and these should to be used to fight real crime.”







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