County Takes Public Input On Pot Zoning

WASHINGTON:  Spokane County planning commissioners heard an earful Thursday about a nose-full of marijuana odor, as they considered revising where pot businesses can operate.

Carl Caughran, a rural landowner near Cheney, said his wife now suffers asthmatic symptoms from what he called a “skunk-like” smell wafting over property lines from a big growing operation next door.

Caughran said a Tier 2 growing operation, which means the owner can have up to 10,000 square feet of growing cannabis, opened next door without notice. He agrees with imposing a moratorium on new growers and producers based on his experience, he said.

The opponents’ testimony led to the suggestion of stopping the licensing of new marijuana growers, producers and sellers within the county, an offer that met with some support from volunteers of the seven-member board that advises the County Commission on land-use issues.


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