Citizens Passionate But Civil At Vader WA Marijuana Meeting

WASHINGTON: In a workshop stretching nearly two hours Saturday at Vader City Hall, citizens and council members eloquently aired their concerns and views regarding Seattle developer Brandon Milton’s proposal to install a wholesale growing operation inside warehouses on his industrial property in the city limits.

“This could be Vader’s defining moment,” said Shannon Olson, urging her fellow citizens to speak up for their city’s values. “This is not really a problem, but an opportunity to define and secure the future of Vader.”

Milton, 39, asked people to keep an open mind.

“We’re painting this as black and white, as good or bad for the community,” he said. “The truth is, it has the potential to do wonderful things, but you can abuse it just like alcohol.”

The meeting’s purpose was informal discussion without taking official action, Mayor Kenneth Smith said. Four of the five council members attended, with Rodney Allison absent.

Most of council opposed


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