Chris Christie: ‘I Will Crack Down And Not Permit’ Legal Marijuana As President

NEW JERSEY:  If New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) becomes president of the United States, he said on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Tuesday, he will “crack down” on those states that have ended prohibitions on marijuana.

When asked by Hewitt if he would enforce federal drug laws in those states that have legalized and regulated cannabis, Christie responded unequivocally.

“Absolutely,” Christie said. “I will crack down and not permit it.”

Citing an “enormous addiction problem” in the U.S., Christie, who has not yet announced a presidential run but has launched a political action committee, said that a very clear message needs to be sent “from the White House on down through federal law enforcement.”


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  1. pot leaf 420 says

    Ha he won’t do weed but he will do crack cokaine Ha wow ya u will be the next president f**king presented set up “good things” . . . Yes you will be our next good president Bull shït


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