Chairman of Iowa Republican Party: Time To Legalize Medical Marijuana

IOWA:  Today the Republican Party stands at a crossroads. Not one of taxes or war or school choice or the issues that get far more media coverage, but a crossroads of moral conscience.

For most of us, medical marijuana isn’t a matter of life and death. For most of, this issue doesn’t concern us, doesn’t affect us and most likely never will. And that’s the problem. The Republican Party has allowed the focus to be placed on freedom as an ideal instead of freedom as an asset.

As we portray ourselves as the party that desires to give people more freedom, more autonomy, and more say in their lives, we’re faced with the need to reconcile that the way we’ve defined freedom when it comes to doctors and patients has not been one of consistency. Today both major parties continue to shun any attempt to seriously consider the medical uses that marijuana may serve. And hitting close to home for myself as chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, even today a good portion of Republican leadership statewide and nationwide has refused to acknowledge the problem.

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