Canada: Rona Ambrose Announces $11.5-Million Anti-Pot Program

CANADA: The Tories want to make sure you know recreational drug use is not okay. Despite what certain leaders of other parties may suggest.

And they’re backing it up with a $11.5-million program.

The funding from Health Canada will go towards education and prevention “on the impact of youth marijuana use on the developing brain,” according to a government release cited in the National Post.

The initiative, announced Wednesday in B.C. by Health Minister Rona Ambrose, will spend five years telling Canadian kids that drugs are bad — but the timing suggests a thinly-veiled attack on Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

The Tories have long held that Trudeau’s pot admission — he smoked a joint about three years ago, while serving as an MP — effectively encourages young Canadians to take up the rolling paper. Stephen Harper’s Conservative government maintains a hard line against drugs.

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