Barney Frank On MSNBC: What Are Republicans Smoking To Make Them So Mellow Right Now?

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Reacting to the sense of calm that appears to be sweeping through the Republican party, Barney Frank told Chris Hayes Wednesday night the only logical explanation is that they have to be high on something.

Hayes found it beyond “frustrating and infuriating” that all of a sudden, House conservatives are calm and not that angry with John Boehner, as if this whole exercise was basically “a temper tantrum for two weeks.”

Frank threw out his theory for what exactly is wrong with them.
“One of the causes I have been pushing is to legalize the smoking of marijuana by adults instead of locking them up, and apparently that may be more widespread among the Republican House members than I thought, because that’s the only explanation I can think for this particular extreme mellowness.”

He also found it “despicable” that despite being the ones that shut the government down, Republicans were yelling at federal workers about services that were shut down.

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