6 Reasons Marijuana Legalization Failed In Ohio

With 99% of precincts reporting, the amendment was defeated 64% to 36%.

OHIO: The sheer size of Tuesday’s crushing electoral defeat of marijuana legalization in the Buckeye State surprised political experts inside and out of Ohio. Despite a $20 million campaign, the proposed constitutional amendment, known as Issue 3, lost. Amid its smoking wreckage, six reasons emerge to explain what happened to Issue 3 — and what happens next.

With 99% of precincts reporting, the amendment was defeated 64% to 36%.

The business plan. “Boy, that word monopoly. It’s been an ugly word in politics sinceTheodore Roosevelt’s day,” political scientist David Niven at the University of Cincinnatisaid Tuesday night. Issue 3 was unique in the history of the modern legalization movement in that it would have written into the Ohio Constitution provisions to limit the cultivation of the state’s crop to 10 already-chosen properties. Issue 3’s backers said the plan’s advantage would have been to allow the state to tightly regulate marijuana at the grow source. The technical term for such an economic model is oligopoly. But the term “monopoly” got slapped on Issue 3 from the outset, and Issue 3 backers could never run it down.

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  1. jocelyn carter says

    it is dissapointing that the northern state of ohio is has similarities of bias as southern states in the USA, failure of marijuana legalization is an insult. Heroin deaths aare at an all time “high” here in Ohio, while local Meth labs are at an all time “high” as well, just recently, one of ohio’s mayoral candidates got arrested for selling narcotics from his home, phamiceudicals, many people are dying from alcohol abuse, to me it is senseless. One day this issue will pass, then Ohio can relocate from the South!

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