2014 Oregon Marijuana Legalization Initiative – Let The Voters Decide

OREGON: Sure, Oregon’s Measure 80 narrowly failed to pass back in November 2012. Leaving Colorado and Washington to blaze the legalization trail – minus any help from Oregon. Now with the 2014, midterm elections just around the corner, supporters of marijuana legalization will begin pounding the pavement, searching for signatures.  Scrambling for the next 60 days trying to gather the required signatures needed to push two new pro-cannabis initiatives on to the 2014 ballot.

Paul Stanford, a longtime marijuana activist whose legalization effort, Measure 80, failed in 2012, yesterday filed an initiative petition for 2014, seeking to change the constitution to legalize pot.

The first of the two pot friendly initiatives would seek to amend the Oregon Constitution, thereby allowing adults over the age of 21 to both smoke marijuana for recreational purposes, as well as allow the cultivation and production of other cannabis rich products. Should HB 3371 pass,  the state of Oregon would be allowed to institute a system to legally distribute and tax marijuana for recreational purposes.

The second initiative would be reminiscent of Oregon’s 2012 Measure 80. If passed – M80 would create a state run cannabis commission, comprised of seven commissioners handpicked by Oregon’s governor to implement the systematic regulation, distribution and taxation of marijuana and cannabinoid-based products.

Riddled with fear, opponents of marijuana legalization testified in early April at a hearing on HB 3371 – claiming that law enforcement officials were up in arms over the potential of marijuana legalization. Leading to stoned driving, dumb kids and the loss of federal grants.



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