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New Petition Legalizing Medicinal Marijuana Filed in Florida

By Nick Evans

FLORIDA: A group pushing for medical marijuana legalization filed a petition with the state of Florida this week.

According to Florida’s Perscription Drug Monitoring program, nearly a quarter billion doses of prescription pain relievers were dispensed in 2012.  These medications include opioids ranging from the powerful – think Oxycontin – to its relatively milder cousins like Vicodin and Talwin.  As Florida’s population ages, demands for these pain relievers will likely climb as well.  Ben Pollara, spokesman for People United for Medical Marijuana, wants Florida residents managing pain to have marijuana as an option.

“Because it can help people who are suffering, I mean it’s really as simple as that.  We get dozens of emails every single day from people who say I’ve been prescribed huge prescriptions for percoset and oxycontin and all these dangerous opiates, and they don’t work nearly as well as a fairly small quantity of marijuana,” Pollara said.

But Calvina Fay, Executive Director of the St. Petersburg Drug Free America Foundation, thinks the matter is simple, too: [Read more…]