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Medical Pot: A Drugmaker Bets on Marijuana to Treat Diabetes, Epilepsy, and More

British pharma company makes big bet on cannabis

UNITED KINGDOM: Medicinal marijuana advocates contend that smoking pot helps relieve pain and alleviate nausea. British drug company GW Pharmaceuticals (GWP:LN) is betting that medicine made from cannabis can also treat maladies as diverse as diabetes, colitis, and epilepsy.

Amendment to legalize medicinal marijuana touted at Lemon Grove rally

Medical Marijuana

OHIO: Getting help for patients suffering and in pain is the primary goal of the Ohio Rights Organization’s effort to place a constitutional amendment on the 2014 ballot that would legalize the medical use of cannabis, better known as marijuana.

Medical Marijuana For Kids: Why I Give Cannabis To My 7-Year-Old

MyKayla Comstock, appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss what happens when a minor needs medical marijuana

VERMONT: With news stories and opinion pieces popping up daily about medical marijuana legalization, dad Brandon Krenzler and his 7-year-old daughter, MyKayla Comstock, appeared on HuffPost Live this week to discuss what happens when a minor needs the drug. MyKayla has Leukemia and started taking it shortly after she was diagnosed.

Amsterdam for tourists: What's legal?

Will Amsterdam-style cannabis coffee shops be coming to a Seattle?

NETHERLANDS: You may have noticed an interesting reaction when you tell people you’re traveling to Amsterdam. They sometimes get that curious look, that knowing half-smile on their faces. “Amsterdam,” they say with a mischievous grin, “lucky you!”

A Flourishing $40 Million Medical Marijuana Industry Helps Israelis Forget

Holocaust survivor Moshe Rute, a resident at Hadarim nursing home, where he smokes cannabis daily to fight chronic pain.

ISRAEL: On a recent afternoon in Kibbutz Naan, near the city of Rehovot, Israel, Moshe Rute took a hefty puff from his pot pipe, with the blessing of the government. His hands stopped convulsing, and he drifted into the story of how cannabis had done for him something that no person could—help him forget. A “Holocaust Read the full article…

For patients like me, marijuana is a necessity

Though cannabis for medical purposes became legal in the District (where I live) in 2010, the city-sanctioned dispensaries that can supply it are only now inching closer to opening their doors.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: My breast cancer diagnosis at age 26 was an unwelcome and at times harrowing experience. What allowed me to endure the darkest days was the hope that my rigorous treatment — chemotherapy, surgeries and radiotherapy among them — would allow me to once again live a full and healthy life. It’s what propelled Read the full article…

A Wisconsin dad faces deportation for smoking weed as a teenager

Timofeev and his two daughters, Sasha, 16, and Kylie, 7, are close. 'He's one of my favorite people,' says Sasha.

WISCONSIN: By the time Alex Timofeev got home from work at the Nakoma Country Club, had dinner and relaxed with his customary cup of tea, it was past midnight. When the doorbell rang in the early morning he tried to ignore it. But the ringing was insistent so he left his fiancée in bed, threw Read the full article…

Yelp Of Pot, Leafly, Is Tip Of Marijuana Missionary's Spear

Brendan Kennedy wants to make the world safe for investing in marijuana. Kennedy, CEO at Seattle’s $5.5 million (assets under management) Privateer Holdings, believes that he can make a profit and make the world better by investing in marijuana companies. Kennedy earned a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master of Engineering from Read the full article…