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Washington State Cannabis Industry: Sun Grown Symposium July 17

WASHINGTON: The Liquor Control Board (LCB) officially approved outdoor growing for I-502 stakeholders in its July 3rd revisions to the draft rules. Whether you are a producer, processor, or retailer, and whether or not you plan to grow indoors or outdoors, we encourage you to attend our Sun Grown Symposium on July 17 to learn about the legality, feasibility, and policies regarding outdoor cannabis growing. [Read more…]

Yelp Of Pot, Leafly, Is Tip Of Marijuana Missionary's Spear

Brendan Kennedy wants to make the world safe for investing in marijuana. Kennedy, CEO at Seattle’s $5.5 million (assets under management) Privateer Holdings, believes that he can make a profit and make the world better by investing in marijuana companies.

Kennedy earned a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master of Engineering from the University of Washington and an MBA from the Yale School of Management. And I think Kennedy embodies Yale’s missionary values – of both doing good – making society better and very well indeed – as in making big bank. [Read more…]

Grays Harbor County to establish marijuana zoning taskforce

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners approved a plan to develop a process to address the needed zoning code modifications or additions associated with regulating marijuana facilities within the time frame of their marijuana moratorium.

The plan’s first step will set up a task force made up of both public and county staff from departments with associated activities or responsibilities that will help develop recommendations to give to the board of commissioners.

The recommendations are set to be given to the commissioners in October so the board can review them and make final decisions in November, before full implementation of the I-502 rules go into effect before the end of the year.

The Great MMJ Tax Debate

MJ NEWS NETWORK EXCLUSIVE. WASHINGTON: Black Diamond, a former coal mining town 45 minutes south of Seattle, held a great debate on the future of medical marijuana yesterday. The event was organized by MMJ Universe and it’s owner Deidre Finley, who have been on the forefront of Washington’s medical marijuana movement by providing a safe access point for medicine and educational seminars for patients. [Read more…]

Update on Marijuana Zoning in Seattle

SEATTLE: In the wake of the passage of I-502, the City Council is considering setting limits on where marijuana-related activity can take place in Seattle.

Legislation to set zoning limits was discussed on June 24 at the Full Council, and eventually held under July 22. Four committee meetings were held to review the legislation, beginning on March 27. [Read more…]