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Uruguay Opens Bidding For Cannabis Plots

lawmakers are moving ahead with legislative efforts to allow for the limited use of medical ‘cannabis’ while simultaneously forbidding anyone from either inhaling the herb or possessing its flowers

URUGUAY:  Uruguay, the first country to fully legalise the production, sale and distribution of marijuana, has called for bids from private growers who want to farm cannabis in a public field. Open until August 18, the tender from the newly launched Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA) seeks up to five growers Read the full article…

Uruguay’s First Marijuana Club Seeks Recognition

Uruguay's first marijuana club seeks to open.

URUGUAY:  A group has taken steps to become the first officially recognized marijuana-growing club in Uruguay, where lawmakers have made their country the world’s first national marketplace for legal pot. The Association of Cannabis Studies of Uruguay began the process by registering with the Education and Culture Ministry, Drug Control Chief Julio Calzada said Tuesday. Read the full article…

Uruguay President Calls Colorado’s Legal Pot System ‘Complete Fiction’

The state will sell five different strains, containing a maximum level of 15 percent THC, the substance that gets consumers high. Each bag will be bar-coded, radio-frequency tagged, and registered in a genetic database that will enable authorities to trace its origin and determine its legality

URUGUAY:  Uruguay is hailed by marijuana advocates as a leader in pot policy, but a close look at details shows President Jose Mujica’s plan is more restrictive than Colorado’s approach to legal marijuana, AP reports. Associated Press reporter Leonardo Haberkorn takes a look at the rules for marijuana sales in Uruguay. The rules go into effect Tuesday. Read the full article…

Uruguay Unveils Marijuana Regulation Details

The regulations allow three forms of access to marijuana. Uruguayans can purchase up to 40 grams per month – with a limit of 10 grams per week – from registered pharmacies. They can also choose to cultivate up to 6 homegrown plants, with a cap on annual production at 480 grams

URUGUAY: The Uruguayan government has unveiled long-awaited regulations for its recreational marijuana market — a move that steers the tiny nation of 3.3 million people away from the prohibitionist war on drugs, with its disastrous consequences in Latin America, and toward a drug policy based on improving public health and security. Although Uruguay’s Congress approved the measure in December — Read the full article…

Uruguay's Neighbors Now Considering Legalization Of Pot

Argentina’s anti-drug czar Juan Carlos Molina has called for a public discussion on pot legalization.

ARGENTINA:  Argentina has given the first sign that Uruguay’s groundbreaking cannabis reform just may have started a domino effect across Latin America. Following the momentous vote by its smaller neighbor’s senate this month — making it the first nation in the world to completely legalize the soft drug — Argentina’s anti-drug czar Juan Carlos Molina has called for Read the full article…

Uruguay President Mujica Signs Marijuana Law

Bureaucrats now have until April 9 to write the fine print for regulating every aspect of the marijuana market, from growing to selling in a network of pharmacies.

They hope to have the whole system in place by the middle of next year. But as of Tuesday, growing pot at home is legal in Uruguay, up to six plants per family and an annual harvest of 480 grams.

URUGUAY:  A spokesman for President Jose Mujica of Uruguay says the leader has quietly signed into law the government’s plan to create a regulated, legal market for marijuana. Presidential secretary Diego Canepa told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Mujica signed the legislation Monday night. That was the last formal step for the law to Read the full article…

In 'Brave Break With Failed Model,' Uruguay Passes Historic Marijuana Legalization

"We've given this market as a gift to the drug traffickers," said Mujica, "and that is more destructive socially than the drug itself, because it rots the whole of society."

URUGUAY: Uruguay has chosen to “bravely break with the failed prohibitionist model” in becoming the first country to legalize and regulate the production, distribution, sale and use of marijuana in a landmark bill passed by the country’s parliament Tuesday. The bill, which will be signed by leftist President José Mujica, was designed as an “experiment aimed at finding Read the full article…

Uruguay Set To Legalize Marijuana

Activists outside the Parliament building while lawmakers debate the bill legalizing marijuana, in Montevideo.

URUGUAY:  Juan Andres Palese says he’s a frustrated entrepreneur. His business, the sale of products for growing and processing marijuana, has always been in a legal limbo in Uruguay, his country. Legally speaking, it’s a complicated and risky situation. Selling accessories for the cultivation of cannabis is legal, but the production, sale and distribution of Read the full article…

Uruguay Opposition Demands Marijuana Referendum

The Uruguayan Senate is expected to vote on new legislation that would allow cannabis to be grown and sold under state controls to try to reduce drug crime.

URUGUAY: A conservative opposition MP in Uruguay has demanded a referendum to repeal a law legalising the sale and consumption of marijuana if it is passed by Senate on Tuesday. Gerardo Amarilla, of the National Party, said it should be the citizens who decide the way to tackle the drugs market and said many believe legalization is the Read the full article…

Growers Celebrate As Uruguay Prepares To Legalize Marijuana Cultivation, Distribution


URUGUAY: Pot connoisseurs of the world take note: Uruguay is about to go where no country has gone before by legalizing the cultivation and distribution of marijuana, with the left-of-center government regulating all facets of the trade.