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Stopping Medical Marijuana Won’t Make Chris Christie President

NEW JERSEY: Since then-governor John Corzine signed it into law in January 2010, New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has been a thorn in Chris Christie’s side. It’s been ignored, railed against, tacitly allowed, barely instituted and red-taped to death, all within the span of Christie’s term in office, and all by the man himself. Christie’s reluctance was reiterated again this week, with the governor — presidential hopes for 2016 clearly in mind — saying again that he won’t have Jersey end up like Colorado or California. At this point, though, the comparison would be a compliment.

“I am not going to turn this into a place where people fly into Newark airport, drive someplace, claim to have a migraine from a quack doctor and get high. That’s not happening in our state. That’s happening, by the way, every day in Colorado and California, and I’m not going to permit it in this state, not as a former federal prosecutor,” he said at an unrelated Seaside event on Tuesday. [Read more…]

ProMAXGrow Names Christie Lunsford Chief Operating Officer

NEW YORK: Pro MAX Grow has announced the hiring of Christie Lunsford as its new Chief Operating Officer, reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer Jeff Gasman. Mrs. Lunsford will drive Pro MAX Grow’s rapid national growth through managing operations, developing entrepreneurial relationships and building infrastructure around the company’s specialized horticultural LED lighting technologies.

“We are thrilled to welcome Christie Lunsford to the Pro MAX Grow family,” said CEO Jeff Gasman. “As majority support for cannabis legalization fuels a national policy shift and our company continues to experience rapid growth, this is a great time to bring Christie on board. Her unique blend of skills and cannabis industry experience will be a great asset toward our development of innovative horticultural lighting technologies.”

Christie Lunsford brings a track record of more than 10 years in cultivation, manufacturing and medical cannabis advocacy to Pro MAX Grow. Over the past decade she has held senior level positions from notable companies such as Dixie Brands and the National Cannabis Industry Association. Most recently Christie founded Endocannabinoidology, a consulting firm providing cannabis science, technology and education management to the cannabis industry. Additionally, she was voted Cannabis Woman of the Year at the 2015 Cannabis Business Awards.

“I am excited to join Pro MAX Grow, a dynamic company with the overall goals of promoting sustainability within the cannabis industry and assisting state legal cultivators in producing energy sufficient, high-yield grows,” said Christie Lunsford. “I look forward to spreading the word about energy consumption stewardship as well as the unique ability cultivators have to impact the outcome of carbon footprint in the world’s fastest growing industry.”

Legalized Marijuana Would Be Eliminated Under A Christie Presidency

NEW JERSEY: Gov. Chris Christie vowed Sunday to eliminate legalized marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington if he’s elected president.

The governor, speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” said his administration would use federal rules that outlaw marijuana to clamp down on states that legalized recreational pot use.

“Yes sir,” Christie told host John Dickerson when asked whether he’d go after Colorado and Washington.

“If you were president would you return the federal prosecutions in the states of Colorado, Washington states?” Dickerson asked.

“Yes,” Christie said.

Lawmakers Want To Rebuke Christie Over Medical Marijuana

NEW JERSEY:  The New Jersey Assembly may rebuke the Christie administration’s handling of the state’s medical marijuana program.

Lawmakers are scheduled to vote Thursday on a resolution that says Gov. Chris Christie’s Health Department has placed “arbitrary and unnecessary” restrictions on the program.

The vote comes just a day after Christie criticized the notion of legalizing marijuana in order to gain a tax windfall, calling it “blood money.”

Lawmakers contend administration regulations, like requiring doctors who prescribe marijuana to register on public lists, hurt the program.

Lawmaker Proposes Medical Marijuana Program Overhaul Despite Christie’s Criticism

NEW JERSEY:  Declaring New Jersey’s medical marijuana program “broken,” a Union County assemblywoman has introduced legislation that scraps many of its most rigid provisions and allows people to grow their own supply.

The measure would also protect some patients from losing their jobs, and expand the list of qualifying diseases.

State Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-Union), the lead sponsor, said she is undeterred by Gov. Chris Christie’s recent remarks about there being little demand for the program except for people who want to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Stender said her bill responds to patients who claim the program has failed them, particularly parents with severely ill children, and people whose diseases are not recognized by the state. The program was serving 2,342 patients as of mid-June.


NJ Gov Christie Says Medical Marijuana Programs Are ‘Front For Legalization’

NEW JERSEY: Following reports that New Jersey’s medical marijuana program is suffering from low enrollment, Gov. Chris Christie called the program and similar programs across the U.S. “a front for legalization.”

New Jersey passed its medical marijuana law in 2009, and former Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, signed it just before Christie, a Republican, took office. The first dispensary opened in December 2012, with predictions that the drug could help tens of thousands of patients in the state with severe or painful illnesses.

But The Star-Ledger reported on Sunday that only 2,342 patients have signed up for the program.

And last week, the president and chief executive of Compassionate Care Foundation, Inc. of Egg Harbor Township — one of the state’s three medical marijuana dispensaries — announced he had quit because he couldn’t keep working for no pay in a struggling industry.

Christie said it’s clear there is not a demand for medical pot.

Colorado policymakers fire back at Gov. Christie over pot comments

DENVER — Few people still take New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie seriously as a presidential contender, which may explain the governor’s comments Monday derisively referring to this critical swing state as a land of “head shops popping up on every corner.”

During a radio appearance Monday, Christie responded emphatically to a caller who asked about legalizing marijuana.

“You say it’s going to come down the road,” he said, interrupting the caller. “You know it may come down the road when I’m gone. It’s not going to come while I’m here.”

Christie, a Republican thought to be considered the GOP’s 2016 front-runner until he got bogged down in a scandal late last year, showed little grasp of an obvious reality: that voters here and in Washington state — not governors — are the ones who had the power to legalize recreational marijuana.

In The Weeds: Republicans Paul, Christie, Perry Open To Softer Pot Laws Ahead Of 2016

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Republicans eyeing the White House in 2016 are pushing their party to change its stance and accept a softening of federal marijuana laws — a dramatic shift from the GOP’s most recent contenders who railed against the drug and questioned its medicinal value.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has arguably been the most vocal on the subject, saying the federal government should leave the issue entirely to the states. Texas Gov. Rick Perry also argues that marijuana’s legal status should be a state issue, and he points to drug courts in his state that he said have helped move Texas toward decriminalization. [Read more…]