What Universe Am I On?

It’s criminal that not everybody can take a stroll through a Cannabis Farmers Markets.Walking through the MMJ Universe greenhouse this morning was like walking through heaven. Sweet billowy clouds of pot smoke fills the air, friendly growers and processors display their wares, doling out free samples at every table: smiling people offering me marijuana on the right, and on the left…”smoke this,” and “dab this” and “have a taste.” 

The Green Terrapin at MMJ Universe Farmers Market in Washington State.

The Green Terrapin at MMJ Universe Farmers Market in Washington State.

Heaven comes early for those who can’t wait for true legalization.

At the farmer’s market that I go to they have live musicians, raffles for free sample products, and when you get “hungry,” there’s a BBQ guy offering burgers and hotdogs. Local produce farmers offer traditional greens, fresh veggies and eggs. For me, it’s a one-stop-shop for the entire week!

Word to the wise  — be sure to do your shopping before you Dab. Otherwise you might overdo it a bit.

To be safe, I usually bring along a list from my friends reminding me what they need me to pick up. Jennifer is a masseuse and uses Sativa Valley products on her clients because it’s high in CBD.  Melanie wants something sweet and loaded from The Canna Chef, so I picked up her chocolate cake made with Reeces Pieces.

Once all my business was done, I circle back to my favorite bud tender, Greg, who hooks me up with the longest, most impressive pipe I have ever seen. Loaded in it was some Super Sativa that had me floating on air and a little dizzy, the good kind. The pipe is longer than my car so I won’t be taking it home with me. I’d take Greg home with me too, if I could. Right now, however, I don’t even know my own name.

During a relaxing moment in the open meadow, I feel happy, and yet sad at the same time that this experience is limited to only those with their MMJ patient cards. I sincerely look forward to the day when EVERYBODY, regardless of patient standing, can enjoy the fruits of the labors of our local cannabis farmers. They grow some good shit up in here.