U.S. Agents Crack Down On Illegal Marijuana Sites On Colorado Public Lands

COLORADO: Several large marijuana cultivation sites in Colorado that were being used by traffickers to ship the drug to other states have been dismantled by federal agents and state police in the past six weeks, authorities said on Thursday.

Since mid-August, federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies have raided the illegal pot cultivation sites in the Colorado mountains, including several in national forests, according to a statement issued by U.S. Attorney John Walsh.

The use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes is legal in Colorado, but growing and selling marijuana products is controlled by state regulators.

“Some illicit grows were located in multiple residences and outbuildings, while many others were located on federal land, causing environmental damage to the land that may take years to mitigate,” the statement said. “In every case, the marijuana grows were both illegal under federal law and unlicensed by state authorities under Colorado’s marijuana regulatory system.”


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