Seattle’s Top Cop Buys Pot — Legally!

Alison Holcomb, author of I-502, opens Seattle's first legal pot shop.

WASHINGTON: The Evergreen State became the second state in the union to allow for recreational marijuana sales to adults.  More than 200 customers waited in line, along with an equal number of press — straight, cannabis and internet — at Seattle’s Cannabis City in SODO.

ACLU Attorney and I-502 author Alison Holcomb spoke, as did Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, who proclaimed an end to “the failed war on drugs.”  The Emerald City’s top cop made news by not only opening the pot shop (you didn’t see that in Denver) but by making a purchase as well. Yes! He exercised his personal freedom by purchasing legal weed!

Washington’s rollout was much less dramatic than Colorado’s. While the mile high city, Denver, had more than a dozen stores on opening day back on January 1. Seattle has but one, and the state at large has only issued 25 recreational retail licenses, with only a few managing to open today.  More are expected to open in the days and weeks ahead. Stay tuned here for details.


  1. jaxon says

    It’s wonderful that someone finally admits the war on drugs is a dismal failure. Pot/marijuana/cannabis is not a drug, but rather an herb that has been used for thousands of years.

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