Sanjay Gupta Gives Late Night Comedians Some Great Material (VIDEOS)

Dr. Sanjay Gupta came out in favor of marijuana last week, bringing America to the tipping point for marijuana legal reform in America.  The MJ News Network is expecting U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to make a major announcement later this week.  Our resident psychic and staff magician, Doctor Mentallo, is predicting the AG will announce that marijuana will no longer be classified as the most dangerous drug in America under the Controlled Substances Act. Stay tuned to this network to see our own good doctor is indeed correct.

Meanwhile, all these serious developments in the emerging legal marijuana industry are proving to be great cannon fodder for late night comics Conan, Colbert, Oliver, Fallon and Ferguson.

Stephen Colbert reveled in Dr. Gupta’s newly discovered love of pot on The Colbert Report.

The Colbert Report
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Also on Comedy Central, John Oliver suggested a new career for Dr. Gupta with co-host Wolf Spliff-tzer at the Cannabis News Network.

At NBC’s Late Night, Jimmy Fallon theorized that Gupta was stoned.

Conan O’Brien commented on a report from the MJ News Network about a Colorado farming trying to get marijuana categorized as a vegetable so it can be sold at the farmer’s market.

On CBS, Craig Ferguson actually had Dr. Gupta on his show back in June for a relatively serious discussion. Er, as serious as Ferguson can be, that is.