Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want Marijuana Legalized

I can see why pharmaceutical companies don’t want marijuana legalized. Take a $4 blood pressure pill with a glass of grapefruit juice, and you might get the effects of $1.75 of that medicine. Wow, with a whopping 47% of medicine ineffectiveness, it seems like a giant waste of money for a product that won’t do you any good if you eat certain foods or drink some juices.

You are still depressed? What juices or caffeine products are you drinking with your meds? What foods are you eating with your meds? Antidepressants, antivirals, birth control pills, cholesterol and blood pressure meds are all affected by food and/or drinks, especially juices.  Oh forget that, just triple the dose! (Sorry for the sarcasm).

Some meds are quite expensive, and if you eat or drink designated foods, you just threw the money out the window. Besides the cost, why take a medicine that has many contraindications? How about the side effects? Liver or kidney failure, heart arrhythmia. It is amazing how many people take meds that have to be increased because of ineffective results.

How many people don’t know or think about telling their doctor about food/drink preferences, when there are a lot of foods or juices that make some medicines ineffective or slows the metabolism time so the med is not absorbed properly, therefore making it ineffective, therefore the need to be increased. What a vicious cycle!

Most pharmacies give written information about the med ordered, but many people don’t read or understand the jargon, and by the time they get to “don’t take with juice”, they are asleep or gave up reading. But they just can’t figure out why they feel so crappy after their med dose was increased.

Marijuana is in the news, all over the internet, and people are just talkies, especially those who mj has helped,(like me). But the bottom line is that there is no bad press about marijuana. “Kills cancer cells”, “Helps with depression”, this one is a biggy to me–”Fights nausea”! It absolutely does, and I will (figuratively) go to the ground against anyone that says otherwise. I KNOW IT WORKS!

Why can’t we pile on the money for cancer research with marijuana! Regulating blood pressure with marijuana, halting mood swings and depression, the list gets longer every day!  The beneficial effects of this plant are just beginning to surface. With REAL research and development, this may just be the new “Super Drug” that will replace many of our older medications, the ones with vast side effects and contraindications. Even doctors agree some medications need to be retired.

Another concern with older adults– they take their meds, get busy or get out of routine, and don’t remember if they took their meds, then go get another dose. Numerous older adults are hospitalized for that very reason. Give them a daily cannapill for their blood pressure, and it won’t hurt them if they take another. When I get old enough to start having problems, I will take marijuana products, legal or not. I can see a lot of senior citizens who would benefit from a morning dose of cannabis, they can eat or drink anything, and it would improve their appetites. I am 63 and mj takes the hurt out of my hips and stops my post chemo nausea in its tracks.

I really think this little plant is going to make a big change in the medication world, especially with the new younger generation coming on who are ready to challenge and change old world of medicine. Hooray!