Ladies, Take Root!

There is an ugly side to the Seattle cannabis movement.

There are lawsuits and name calling, and narking and threats. People from other states probably think we lavish each other congratulatory back slaps with the passage of I-502. (That, in addition to smoking the very best weed in the entire universe, of course.)

But no. There are egos, agendas, paranoia and bottom lines. A few individuals are hacking their way through the movement, creating discourse and distraction. It’s shocking how ugly this side of a revolution can be. To affect change, you gotta bang on some cages and throw poop at people, I suppose.

But is it really necessary? I don’t know – not my monkeys, not my circus.

Maybe it’s because they’re all men! Oops, that’s supposed to be a question mark. Sorry.

Well, at least I don’t know of any women in the movement calling each other dirty, pilfering cunts. I could challenge Cat Jeter to a hair pulling contest. Would that help the movement? I don’t see Alison Holcomb going Real Housewives on Hilary Bricken. “Biiiiiiiiiiiiitch, if you don’t quit telling people I smoke weed when I don’t, I’ll cut ya.”  It just doesn’t happen.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE men, even married a few, but we seriously need more women in cannabis. And not (necessarily) the ass-peeking short-short booth babes in stiletto heels, but business women who have brains, enthusiasm, integrity and character.

We have a really good start here in Seattle, but the love isn’t enough to drown out the testosterone of these raging bulls. Of course there are crazy bitches out there too — I know, I used to be one. But there’s medicine for that now.

So, women, if you were ever thinking about it – now is the time for marijuana. Whatever state you are in (physically or philosophically), get involved and speak up. We need YOU to be the voice of compassionate change, and this world will be a much better place for everyone.

Like our female cannabis plants, we all need to root ourselves firmly into the ground, nourish our bodies, get lots of water, grow into the light and sleep when it’s dark. Let’s put down our weapons of de-evolution and remember we’re all on the same side of humanity, compassion and cannabis.