Is There Anybody Out There?

I love surprises.

I just found out one of our local store owners is a weed smoker. Told me himself after looking a picture of me with a big brownie in my mouth and a bud in my hands. A very nice picture taken during my stay in Seattle. This was hanging next to the picture of Mt. Rainier, which I didn’t get to see the whole week I was there, but I got a gorgeous picture flying by it on the way home.

Anyway, he was in my office for just a second before he spotted the picture. When he told me he enjoys weed, I could have been pushed over. I have since logged it in my memory bank to go chat with him about his opinion, which is pro, obviously. I am just amazed and happy to find out he is a smoker. There ARE others out there. I would have never, ever guessed and definitely would not have bet money on him enjoying marijuana. Responsible people are responsible with marijuana. Therefore, we should have a choice. A lot of people I know don’t like it or have no interest in trying it. Good for them! I applaud my grandson for not smoking. It is so sad that marijuana has to be such a secret. I covered the picture to prevent any future accidents. It sure could have turned out quite differently.

I read another article on pain management with marijuana in an elderly woman. I’m glad she gave it a shot. She also proved that it works. My grandma would have tried it, but back then mom and dad would have had me arrested. I think my dad mellowed with age, but probably not enough to smoke marijuana, even at the end stage of his life, just to improve his mental status. My mom was a nurse who worked with aids patients She never mentioned weed, good or bad. Might have been impossible to get in our town, back then. I would think her patients would have mentioned it. Never thought about it before now.

Every day is such a gift! I learn something new every day without fail. I forget a lot, but it isn’t like I’m learning something I forgot. I find the internet amazing with all the info out there. I did not know you could buy seeds online! I am still blown away with all the different recipes for marijuana, even hard candy. Simply amazing. I thought marijuana brownies was all there was to do. My trip to Seattle opened up a whole new world! I was truly impressed with the glass making skills it took to make some of the pipes. Beautiful glass artwork. I wouldn’t be able to get those unusual pieces of art messy, but it would be a conversation starter!

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