I Don't Want Alzheimer's Disease

Well my goodness, I do learn something new every day. Did you know the cannabinoid HU 210 has been shown to prevent amyloid beta-promoted inflammation? The endocannabinoids anandamide and noladin ether have also been shown the be neuroprotective against amyloid beta in vitro. That means blocking amyloids in early Alzheimer’s has a profound effect on slowing the disease progression of Alzheimer’s!Does this mean it could be– possibly–a cure for Alzheimer’s? Another notch on the medical marijuana belt! I was very interested in the research with MJ with Alzheimer’s, but why is it I just find this info? This should be blown wide open for Alzheimer”s research! I wish I had a bunch of money to donate to that research, because Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease. I think this is wonderful news! It sure beats a pill that has crappy side effects and unsure results.

People my age should start with MJ products! I don’t want Alzheimer’s, so I definitely need weed in my life. Come on Wyoming! Let’s get on with it so we can put some money back into the state as well. Legalize it and decriminalize it for those over 21.I sure would like to be one of the FDA’s guinea pigs with the research and testing!Wyoming has the highest rate of gun ownership in the U.S.- no permit required to conceal or open-carry a firearm. No assault weapons ban, high capacity ban, or background checks.
We have never had a mass shooting and have the 7th lowest crime rate in the nation. So, why can’t we have marijuana? We have alcohol! Stupid crimes are committed because of alcohol. If they were high, would they still do it? I doubt it, I don’t get nuts on MJ like I do when I drink.