Hempfest Here We Come!

I knew the two weeks leading up to Seattle Hempfest were going to be nuts. Looking at the calendar, I don’t remember choosing this time to 1) harvest 2) upgrade my phone 3) volunteer for Hempfest and 4) go through menopause.

What a week.

Harvesting went well. The all-testicle crew did a fine job trimming my incipient flowers. It’s all the work that comes after the harvest that kicks my ass — like finding a place to dump the used dirt, bleaching the walls, mopping the floors, getting ready for crop rotation.  It’s dirty, physical and hot as hell this week (which could also explain the hot flashes). But I am so incredibly thankful to the people who helped me, and I am grateful to serve others in my community. I heart cannabis!

My stupid contract with T-Mobile finally ended so I threw my old blackberry out the window at a high rate of speed. I really disliked that it froze all the time, and had no cool apps, like my friends. Now I’m learning this awesome new piece of telephonic imagination which It does everything except shave my legs. That would be a cool app.

Last May, I paid $200 to become a VIP member of Hempfest. With that I received an official hemp t-shirt, button and VIP card, which I shall laminate like the true VIP stoner goddess that I am.  Recently the organizer shared that it costs $700,000 to put on the Seattle event — the largest hempfest in the country.  And, with the new legalization of recreational marijuana for adults in Washington State,  and 250,000 people expected to attend, this year is going to be truly historical.

Eve's cleans up after Harvest, just in time to celebrate Seattle Hempfest.

Eve cleans up after Harvest, just in time to celebrate this weekend’s Seattle Hempfest.

Seattle Hempfest needs money and time, so I volunteered myself (and a friend) to work on Friday morning as soon as it opens. How exciting! I’m happy to play my part to keep the cannabis movement going strong -–  Decriminalize, Legalize, Commercialize, Medicinalize – whatever your opinion – Stand up and Represent, Mutha Fuckah!

Now is the time! Let’s get high.

See you at Hempfest!