The NFL Would Consider Medical Marijuana For Use In Treating Concussions

Weed. People smoke it. Some people smoke it illegally, some people smoke it for medical reasons, and some people are now allowed to smoke it recreationally, like this former Marine in Denver.

NFL players are not allowed to smoke weed (though some do anyway) even if they live in Colorado or Washington State, because weed is bad. Sort of. It’s certainly not “good” for you if you need to remember what you did earlier in the day, or if you have issues getting off the couch in the first place.

But researchers are beginning to find productive uses for marijuana (beyond morons saying “My head hurts sometimes, I can’t sleep I need a medical marijuana card!”), and some early findings show that activation of the body’s cannabinoid receptors could lead to neuroprotective benefits after traumatic brain injury.

Translation: Weed may help the brain heal after concussions. And as we all know, concussions are a problem in the NFL.

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