Study: High-Potency Marijuana Linked With Neural Damage

GREAT BRITAIN:  In scanning the brains of drug users, researchers at Kings College London found smokers of high-potency pot had smaller amounts of white brain matter inside their corpus callosum, a neural pathway connecting the left and right halves of the brain.

While pot smokers generally showed more damage to the corpus callosum than non-smokers, those who smoked super strong weed known as ‘skunk’ showed more significant white matter loss.

Scientists performed MRI scans on the brains of 56 patients who had visited a London hospital reporting a first episode of psychosis. The brains of 43 healthy participants were also scanned. All the participants were surveyed about their drug habits.

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  1. Wade Rawluk says

    Why are you uncritically repeating reefer madness from the UK? If one was to accept this at face value one would hand the drug warriors absolute victory aned declare that legalization is wrong. What are you trying to do? Get us to have a “second look”, ie., promote treason at all we have been doing and switch to the other side. Yhis report is not reality. Don’t you realize that the UK ant-marijuana nuts have been saying that high thc cannabis equals for psychosis for years. This is just a pseudo-“scientific” report meant to justify political conclusions of the enemy that the enemy have already wrongly decided is their “reality”. accept this trash and you condemn the legalization of cannabis movement to fail. How long after accepting this will Colorodo, etc repeal a legalization most, including myself in the fascist hellhole of New York have not yet experienced. You should start off with a rebuttal of this garbage bot promote this as objective scientific truth. You are a bunch of traitors.

  2. Jina says

    And the point is? Been smoking skunk for 40 years hasn’t bothered me. I had a 30 year nursing career raised two children. This is horse shit a study of 50 something people does not prove anything.

    • Mary says

      Agree. Also the head of International drug policy at the UN does not want it legalized in America. But says nothing about Europe.
      The timing of this is suspect as well since it is becoming legal state by state. I love the Tenth Amendment!!
      And lastly but most importantly you are absolutely right..about the same time for me. The only thing that held me back was the refusal to donate liquid DNA.
      Using people takes time, at least 500, and a variety as well as doing it more than once to make sure conclusions are across the board. I am noticing a subtle scrapping of the Scientific Method.

  3. Mary says

    We are hard wired to receive THC. Endocannibiniods are neuroreceptors made just for marijuana. They affect the Adipose System.


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