Quebec Hospital To Allow Medical Marijuana Use In Rooms

Charles Bury used his vaporizer (the wooden box) in the Sherbrooke University Hospital Centre during palliative care for liver cancer.

CANADA: Doctors, dentists and pharmacists at Quebec’s Sherbrooke University Hospital Centre have unanimously approved the use of medical marijuana in patients’ rooms.

“By law we are here to help to maintain and promote and heal patients. So in the process, if at one point marijuana has to be used, we should be there for the patient,” said Dr. Serge Lepage, president of the Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists (CMDP) at the Sherbrooke Hospital.

The decision comes after the late Charles Bury, the longtime former editor of the Sherbrooke Record, stirred up controversy by asking if he could use prescribed marijuana in his room while in palliative care for Stage 4 liver cancer.

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